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3 Points to Save the World

Mare Nostrum has teamed up with Reciclando Ando, to set up plastic bottle collection sites throughout the city of Quito!

With 1 million plastic bottles being purchased around the world every minute, we must do whatever we can to prevent these bottles from ending up in the ocean. The campaign, 3 Points to Save the World, is meant to do just that, by encouraging people to recycle their bottles, while also having a little fun.

Once the bottles are collected from a specific collection site, they are then brought to a local facility where they are transformed into recycled products.

Tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year.
3 Points to Save the World

A fun way to get people to recycle is to create some litter bins where they can throw plastic bottles, as if the container were a basket hoop. Through this recreational activity we seek to generate an awareness of recycling. We want to teach people that recycling is not a sacrifice or something tedious. Recycling can be fun and a part of your day to day.

Interested in joining our campaign
and having a collection site?
Send us an email and we will do our best to set one up!


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